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TACSO by MCIC: Learning by designing: A very useful training for NGOs

A Training of Trainers for NGOs

TACSO by MCIC (Macedonian Center of International Cooperation) and the Macedonian TACSO Office, organised “A Training of Trainers” from 4th to 6th April 2017 at the hotel Continental in Skopje. The training was attended by 18 representatives of civil organisations that organise and implement various educational and training programs. They acquired skills and perfected the use of the tools for preparing and implementing a training.

“Such trainings are highly useful. We as members of the non-governmental sector have a certain experience, but presenting in front of others and receiving constructive feedback give us further direction. This way we recognise the flaws and weaknesses and can turn them into something positive.” - said Sashko Jovanov from the association “Humanity”.

Andrej Gabroski from the Youth council Prilep talked about the positive experiences from the collaboration during the training. He said that the participants’ considerable age difference, the different experience and approach to things weren’t an obstacle, but rather an advantage for working together and potentially forming a future collaboration.

During the three days, the participants had the chance to improve their communication, presentation and facilitation skills, as well as acquire knowledge about the techniques and methods of training. In the end, they managed to put into practice what they had learnt by designing a training session which they delivered in front of the rest of the participants and the lecturers.

The training was conducted by Gonce Jakovleska and Valentina Chicheva from MCIC.

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