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The People to People (P2P) component

The People to People (P2P) programme was one of the three (3) strands of the Civil Society Facility, the strategy of the European Commission Directorate General for Enlargement (DG ELARG). In September 2013, P2P became a new component of the TACSO project.


The P2P component provides an excellent opportunity for CSOs in the countries of the Western Balkans and Turkey to expand their knowledge about the EU and the accession process through visits to the European Institutions, meetings with European CSOs and the opportunity to network internationally and regionally.

Under the guidance of DG ELARG, TACSO has the overall responsibility to plan, organise and provide follow-up support for the realisation of P2P events.

The P2P events will be announced on TACSO social media channels and the TACSO Web page. In general, single beneficiary and multi- beneficiary activities are planned in the IPA countries, with occasional study tours to Brussels, other EU destinations and within the IPA region.
P2P topics will be decided on a semi-annual basis, and CSOs can submit their proposals for the topics they believe should be explored. The final list of topics and activities will be decided upon consultations with DG ELARG, the EUDs and TACSO LAGs. 

For more information, take a look at our P2P Brochure.

>>You talk, We listen: Submit your ideas!<<

Updated: People 2 People Calendar for 2017 

Overview of past P2P events

The list of the newest P2P Open Calls and Applications are available here.

The calendar of P2P activities will be published on a six-month basis, however, please note that the list of events will be subject to change.

Access to Education for Roma
The Study Visit, Access to Education and Employment for Roma Youth - Good Practices and Models from Spain was organised from May 9-11 in Madrid, Spain within the framework of the People to People component of the TACSO Project. The Visit focused on the model by the Fundacion Secretariado Gitano (FSG) over the past 35 years, including educational and employment programmes as well as awareness-raising and anti-discrimination work.

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