TACSO Project Organises Second Regional Conference

"Cooperation between Local Self-Governments and Civil Society Organisations in the Western Balkans and Turkey", Bečići, Montenegro, 22 – 24 February, 2011


Podgorica, 22 February, 2011  – The Technical Assistance for Civil Society Organisations (TACSO) project is organising the conference “Cooperation between Local Self-Governments and Civil Society Organisations in the Western Balkans and Turkey” 22-24 February 2011 in Bečići. 

The Regional Conference will be held at the Bečići Hotel „Queen of Montenegro“ for two full days and will bring together hundreds of participants. These include representatives of civil society organisations (CSOs) and governmental institutions responsible for cooperation with the civil society sector, as well as the media. These representatives are coming from the IPA countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo under UNSCR 1244/99, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey.

The purpose of the Conference is to provide a forum to share topic related knowledge, information and experience among the stakeholders from the IPA countries. It is organised by the TACSO offices in Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as the TACSO Regional Office.

"The focus of the regional conference will be on the transparency and accountability of local self-governments and the role that CSOs can play in this regard, the participation mechanisms in the decision-making processes at the local level and the cooperation of local self-governments with CSOs and financing of CSO programs/projects at the local level." – stated Goran Đurović, Resident Advisor of the TACSO Montenegro Offcie prior to the conference start in Bečići. 

The opening speakers of the Conference will be the Minister of Interior in the Government of Montenegro, Mr. Ivan Brajovic; Head of Operations of the EU Delegation to Montenegro, Mr. Nicola Bertolini;  TACSO Team Leader, Mr. Palle Westergaard; Assistant to the Minister of Justice of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ms. Sadeta Skaljic; and Secretary of the Union of Municipalities of Montenegro, Mr. Rajko Golubovic.

Ms. Slavica Drašković, Resident Advisor of the TACSO Bosnia and Herzegovina added: "The overall objectives of the Conference are mapping of institutional mechanisms on cooperation between CSOs and local self-governments in the region thus enabling further exploration of the relations between CSOs and the local government. As well as exploring possibilities for further development of institutional mechanisms." Ms. Drašković concluded that one of the goals will be to identify relevant actors and stakeholders for broadening regional cooperation. 

The general objective of TACSO is to strengthen the civil society within a participative democracy, to stimulate a civil society-friendly environment and culture, as well as to strengthen the overall capacities and accountability of CSOs within the IPA beneficiaries, to guarantee the quality of service of CSOs and a sustainable role of the CSOs in the democratic process.

For more information, please contact:  
Sanela Tunović, PR and Communication Officer
Phone number:  +387 33 532 757
Mobile:  +387 61 539 535
E-mail:  sanela.tunovic@tacso.org

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Regional Conference | Bečići
Cooperation between Local Self-Governments and Civil Society Organisations in the Western Balkans and Turkey