Technical Assistance for
Civil Society Organisations

Report: Mapping of CSOs practices, competencies, and achievements

Mapping of CSOs practices, competencies, and achievements in the processes contributing to public administration reform and open government partnership in the Western Balkans and Turkey

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In an effort to contribute to the recommendations of the discussion paper and learnings from the various events, TACSO would like to take its endeavours further in providing support to organisations active in Public Administration Reform and Open Government Partnership across the Western Balkans and Turkey.

The objectives and focus of the research include the following:

  • Map CSOs/networks active in the two fields, including their contact details, scope of work, and main accomplishments.
  • Identify areas to which current CSOs/networks contribute in relation to PAR or OGP and their major achievements.
  • Identify if and how CSOs/networks improved constituent involvement in their endeavours in PAR/OGP, as well as if and how they have served as a bridge or communicated with the general public about PAR/OGP issues, i.e. how were these issues brought closer to the general public.
  • Map current lessons learnt, success factors, and challenges in the areas of CSO contribution in PAR/OGP, as well as further challenges to be addressed.
  • Identify possible ways forward and needs, notably deficiencies that need specific attention and greater support, in order to contribute to the organisational development of CSOs/networks, to strengthen inter-organisational relations (CSOs, government, international community), and to
  • establish an appropriate institutional framework that will acknowledge the CSOs’ role in PAR/OGP processes.

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