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Report: Going Beyond Pride and Pain?

Going Beyond Pride and Pain? - „History that Connects the Balkans“ | 18-23 July 2017 – Vlore, Albania | Event supported by TACSO P2P within the context of 3rd EUROCLIO “History that Connects the Balkans” Summer School & 2nd ePACT Annual Meeting of the Standing Working Group on History Education

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The event has been set up as a capacity-building event providing transnational transfer of knowledge and experience. Through lectures, workshops, discussion groups and study visits, participating history and heritage educators were stimulated to implement innovative teaching practices in their classroom and/or museum/site/institute and to work towards a framework for a common approach for dealing with history.

Participants improved their knowledge of cultures and get acquainted with new educational contents, services, and methods. Participants of similar EUROCLIO events have signalled afterwards that they felt inspired and stimulated to share with colleagues and students what they learnt and contribute to follow-up events and online community building.


  1. To look back at decades of work on regional cooperation in history educators through the lens of the teachers’ voice, collected in the ePACT Needs Assessment, and develop strategic planning with key policy makers and civil society actors for a history education for sustainable peace, inclusive societies and new skills.
  2. To build the capacity of educators and their associations for the teaching and learning of responsible history that goes beyond the traditional focus of pride and pain.
  3. To compare and contrast perspectives on social and cultural local history and heritage.
  4. To enable dialogue and cross-community and trans-border networking.
  5. To support projects, initiatives and processes which aim to develop new approaches for responsible history education.

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