Technical Assistance for
Civil Society Organisations

Resource Centre in Montenegro - CRNVO

Centre for Development of NGOs (CRNVO) is a non-governmental organization founded in September 1999. and in 2014. CRNVO became TACSO Resource center in Montenegro.

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The key objectives of CRNVO are: capacity building of civil society organizations (CSOs), improvement of the legal and institutional framework for the operation of CSOs, improvement of cooperation between NGOs, public administration and business sectors, increasing understanding of the role and importance of NGOs in society and strengthening citizens’ participation in development of democracy, respect for human rights and the rule of law. Beneficiaries of the Center are citizens, NGOs, local governments, public authorities, media, enterprises and international organizations. The values respected in CRNVO`s work are quality, teamwork, continuous learning, and transparency.

CRNVO`s work is divided into six different work programs :

  • Program for Improvement of the Legal and Institutional Framework for the CSOs Development
  • Program for the Development of Philanthropy and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Capacity Building Program
  • Program of good governance
  • Programme for research and analysis
  • Programme for providing information and advices

Today CRNVO is the biggest capacity building organization in Montenegro providing capacity building services, via trainings ,workshops, seminars, conferences, consultations ( online and offline) and help desk services, to civil society organizations, Government institutions, local self-governments, media and citizens. In 2016 more than 250 people went through CRNVO`s trainings and seminars, additionally in first half of 2017 more than 120 went through these activities and more than 500 participated in CRNVOs conferences and public events. Concerning CRNVO`s help desk services and consultations more than 100 civil society activists benefited from CRNVO`s legal and financial consultations services.

In the future CRNVO will continue to upgrade its services in the field of service provisions for CSOs especially focusing on social entrepreneurship. EU policies, Government-NGO cooperation and it will continue to provide everyday support to all CSOs in Montenegro via its help desk.