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Multistakeholder Consultation on EU Support to media integrity and media freedom in the Enlargement region

6-7 November 2013, Brussels, Belgium

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The Directorate General for Enlargement organized the multi-country consultation workshop to improve, with the contribution of all relevant stakeholders, the guiding principles of EU support to media integrity and media freedom in the enlargement region for the period 2014-2020. These guidelines are intended to define areas of particular interest, general policy objectives and results framework common to all countries in the region.

The guidelines will create the basis for the development of multi-country and tailor-made country specific approaches to media support that will become part of the IPA II multi-country and country strategies to be adopted at the beginning of 2014. Moreover, a mechanism for continuous monitoring of the results will be identified.

In line with the principles and objectives set out in the guidelines for EU support to media integrity and media freedom 2014-2020, a result framework for the enlargement region will be developed. This will provide the basis for a tailor-made approach at national level in accordance with the country context and generate information that will contribute to the yearly progress report on each potential and candidate country.

A total of 52 participants from the EU and the IPA region, including journalists, representatives of journalist associations, CSOs working on issues of media freedom as well as representatives from EUDs, participated in the 2-day event.

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  • Report - Media Consultation Brussels
  • Annex A - Agenda for Brussels Consultation
  • Annex B - Participants list
  • Annex C - ELARG Guidelines for Media Support
  • Annex D - Working Group Division
  • Annex E - Facilitators Guidelines
  • Annex F - ELARG Guidelines for Media Support Suggestions
  • Annex Fb- ELARG Guidelines for Media Support Cleaned after consultations in Brussels
  • Annex G - Evaluation table
  • Annex H - RCC Academy on Media Law in SEE Report
  • Annex I - Attendance 7 Nov
  • Annex Ib- Attendance 8 Nov