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EUCLID annual conference ‘Chartering Into The Future’

15/04/2014 | Strasbourg, France | Material

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TACSO P2P supported the participation of 32 social entrepreneurs and CSO members in the EUCLID Annual Conference with a view to bringing in the perspective and experiences of IPA countries to discussions about the future of Social Entrepreneurship in the EU.

As the EUCLID Annual conference was intended as an event for learning, piloting, advocating and networking it provided an important opportunity for participants from IPA countries to meet and network with their EU counterparts, to share and learn from different experiences in the EU and the region.

There were a total of 150 participants in the event, and different sessions facilitated the interaction and discussions among participants, maximizing learning and networking.

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  • Report - Social Entrepreneurship Conferences - Strasbourg FINAL
  • Annex A - Final agenda
  • Annex B - Llist of participants
  • Annex C - Attendance - 15 Jan
  • Annex D - Evaluation