Technical Assistance for
Civil Society Organisations

National Strategy Conference “Get Involved, Define the Civil Society You Want!“

20-21/02/2014 | Belgrade, Serbia

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National SB P2P event: Conference “Get involved – define the civil society you want! – Creation of the first national Strategy for enabling environment for development of Civil society in Serbia”. The conference was organized by the Office for Cooperation with Civil Society of the Government of the Republic of Serbia in partnership with the EU IPA 2011-2013 project “EU support to the Office for Cooperation with Civil Society” and the P2P program via Technical Assistance for Civil Society Organizations (TACSO).

The goal of the event was to bring together the government institutions and civil society representatives from Serbia (the plan was to include up to 250, in the end almost 400 participants took part) in order to emphasize the importance of developing the first strategic framework for enabling environment for the civil society development in the republic of Serbia and create the basis for further consultation process with CS and other stakeholders.

Through intensive participation, participants defined and elaborated 16 topics - sectors with recommendations for the draft of National Strategy. Topics and subjects were discussed in the several rounds of working sessions were participants voluntarily take part.

Around 400 participants attended the event, from which roughly 300 were representatives of CSOs. Majority of present CSOs members were from rural organizations, outside from Belgrade.

All participants got specially prepared informational material related to Open Space Technology. During the work several instructions for session hosts and session reports have been handed out to participants.

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