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Regional Conference: CSOs and Good Practices in the Use of Communication Channels

Agenda | List of Participants | Conference Report

Day 1 Presentations:
 Eleanor Morgan | Anica Divac | Ayşe Sargın | Gonce Jakovleska | Damjan Zdravev
Day 1 Workshop Presentations: Online campaigning: Which tools to use and how |Creating your networks and support base | Online fundraising - what is good for your fundraising

Day 2 Presentations
:  Serdar Paktin Storytelling for Change | Serdar Paktin Social Media Trends for CSOs | Özgür Mehmet Kütküt | Ardita Kasemi | Arben Papadhopulli | Daniela Božović
Day 2 Workshop Presentations: Who are you? Designing the CSOs' personality for the campaign | Contextual thinking: How to think differently - not one size fits all | Follow the data: Online metrics & statistical reports

Communication issues and capabilities deserve major attention when it comes to strengthening CSOs’ efforts to achieve their missions on various levels and themes. TACSO has conducted numerous activities in the past years in order to develop the CSOs’ capacities in the area of communication. After the regional workshop held in Pristina in June 2013, in which CSO and media representatives participated;; the main problem areas were defined to be: the lack of knowledge and understanding; the lack of competencies and skills and an insufficient mutual trust or lack of it.

Continuing the work in this area, TACSO has developed a “CSO Communication Capacity Building Concept: Development of a Strategic Approach and Curriculum for Regional and National Levels”; based on this document TACSO is planning a number of events on the regional and national level to further assist the CSOs’ communication and Public Relations (PR) capacity building and development. 

The first such event was this Regional Conference whose aim was to present good practices in the use of communication channels with a specific emphasis on social media tools. 

Links: Call for participants | Call for the Preparation and delivery of workshops on social media  | Özgür Mehmet Kütküt's Blog Post (in Turkish) on the Conference