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Fundamental Rights and Anti-Discrimination Study Tour

Event organised by TACSO Macedonian Office in collaboration with the Macedonian Centre for International Cooperation | Brussels, Belgium - 9-11 June 2015

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This Study Tour was organised within the framework of the People to People (P2P) component of the TACSO project and had objective to provide the participants – civil society organisations active in the field of fundamental rights and anti-discrimination - with the possibility to explore the issues of fundamental rights (freedom of assembly, association and expression) and anti-discrimination (equal opportunities, rights of marginalized groups) from the perspective of legal basis, institutional frame and practices and harmonization with international and EU policies and standards.

The study tour was organized as a follow-up to the Conference “Fundamental Rights, Anti-Discrimination and LGBT” that took place in Tirana on 21 November 2014. Follow-up activities to this study tour are planned on the national level in the up-coming period.

During the Study Tour, through a number of presentations and meetings with relevant EU and international institutions and EU based CSOs, 12 representatives of Macedonian CSOs had a chance to improve their understanding and increase their knowledge about the international and the EU legal basis of fundamental rights and anti-discrimination; to learn about the roles of different EU institutions with regard to fundamental rights and anti-discrimination and to share know-how on advocacy and to network with EU based CSOs active in the area of fundamental freedoms and anti-discrimination.

Download: Fundamental Rights and Anti-Discrimination Study Tour Report