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"BiH CSOs in Social Entrepreneurship (SE)-Public Policies, Laws and Practices"

Conference Report

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The Conference "BiH CSOs in Social Entrepreneurship (SE) - Public Policies, Laws and Practices” was organized within the framework of the People to People (P2P) component of the TACSO project and represented the second event in a cycle of interlinked events on social entrepreneurship (SE), the purpose of which was to present the best practices from the EU countries and develop a model of creating an SE supportive environment in BiH.

The full cycle is comprised of four events:

1. Study visit to SE organisations and enterprises in Croatia, Slovenia and Austria under the title “EU Policies and Best Practices in Social Entrepreneurship as a Tool for Organisational Sustainability” was organized in the period 18-22 May 2015, enabling peer-to-peer learning on legislation, institution settings, networking and platforms for SE, support to start-ups, sustainability of CSOs.

2. National SE conference “BiH CSOs in Social Entrepreneurship (SE) - Public Policies, Laws and Practices”, in which lessons learned and knowledge gained during the Study visit was disseminated.

3. Mentorship program for CSO’s that will develop ideas for start-up SEs; e-catalogue of CSO’s offering their ideas for establishing partnership with businesses will be created.

4. Partnership Forum to complete the model of creating SE environment by presenting the ten best BH start-ups.

June 23-24, 2015 | Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina | Conference Report