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Transparent Allocation of Public Funds

Transparent Allocation of Public Funds: EU Good Practices and Models | Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina | March 29-31, 2016

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The Regional Conference Transparent Allocation of Public Funds – EU good practices and Models was jointly organised by the EU’s Project of Technical Assistance for Civil Society Organisations (TACSO) in BiH and the Resource Centre TACSO by VESTA within the framework of the People to People component of the TACSO project. The conference took place on 30 and 31, March 2016 on Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

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The aim of the conference was to examine good models for ensuring transparency of public funding for civil society and sharing mechanisms for implementation and monitoring so to contribute to possible strategies, mechanisms and cooperation models for improving the enabling environment for CSOs in the region of Western Balkans and Turkey. 
The conference participants discussed: 
  • the current practices and experiences related to mechanisms for transparent public funding; 
  • the EU good practice and models in public funding including the practical example of Estonia;
  • the common ground and principles for Western Balkan and Turkey based on similarities to be applied and
  • the national perspectives for transparent public funding system.