Technical Assistance for
Civil Society Organisations

TACSO by KCSF, TACSO Kosovo Organised PR, Media Relations Training for CSOs

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The Technical Assistance for Civil Society Organisations (TACSO) Office in Kosovo and the TACSO Resource Centre (RC) in Kosovo, Kosovar Civil Society Foundation (KCSF) organised an expert training on Public Relations (PR) and Media Relations for civil society organisations (CSOs) in Kosovo from May 23-25, 2017. 

Throughout the systematic support and several interventions by TACSO by KCSF, which have contributed to a sustainable and active civil society environment, a number of CSOs’ needs were identified, including the necessity to upgrade their communication knowledge and expertise. 

In this context, TACSO by KCSF has identified that the relations and cooperation between CSOs, the media and the general public are still fragile. 

On the other hand, a noteworthy volume of programmes, projects and actions in the realm of civil society initiatives account for awareness raising and wide public exposure can be a requisite for success and longevity. This dimension stands in the very chemistry of civic intervention. 

Most civil society interventions are important both in terms of the direct impact delivered, but also in raising the awareness of responsible bodies, actors of interest and the general public on the importance of the initiative. 

With this in mind, a three-day training programme on “Public Relations and the Media” was designed for the Kosovo civil society, where in-depth knowledge and concrete insights on impactful communication in the civic sphere would positively impact local CSOs to effectively communicate with the media and public. 

The training supported participants with the knowledge on the main highlights of Public Relations; surveys and tactics in communication planning; designing PR strategies and communication plans as well as media presentations. Practical work and hands-on insights on applied communication features were used to further materialise the theoretical aspects of the training and strengthen synergies. 

To further support CSOs, an in-depth Research on Media-CSO relations is being conducted, which will analyse the mass media communication environment in Kosovo’s civil society. 

This research will contribute to augmenting the impact and awareness on civil society initiatives in the country, and will pave the way for the further development of CSOs’ capacities with regard to effective communication. 

The training materials can be found here and here in the local language. 


The TACSO Kosovo Office and KCSF have been supporting civil society in Kosovo together since October 2015, when their cooperation started. KCSF was selected as the Resource Centre for Kosovo to carry out TACSO services based on its long-lasting experience and direct results in the country’s civic sphere.