Technical Assistance for
Civil Society Organisations

TACSO by Civic Initiatives: Assistance for Associations of Minority Communities in Serbia

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TACSO Resource center of Civic Initiatives, in cooperation with the Roma Education Center in Subotica, on April 27th held a session of technical support for associations of citizens of the North and the Northern districts.

Session was attended by members of associations of minority communities (Slovenian, Bunjevac, Macedonian, Croatian, Ruthenian, Montenegrins, Roma) gathered around the Association of the National Association of Subotica and representatives of youth associations.

The aim of this event was to support these associations in order to overcome the most common problems they face in their daily work - the launch advocacy campaigns, respecting the principle of transparent financing their programs and projects, allocation of space to work with its local government, their involvement in decision-making process. Also of great importance is the contribution that these events give the building a stronger and better relations between the associations, local authorities and other relevant entities in the community.

The gathered representatives of associations have recognized the importance of launching initiatives and campaigns related to the challenges they face every day, and who are outside the primary field of associations from which they come. They also expressed the need, willingness and desire to joint efforts, and with additional support from TACSO Resource center of Civic Initiatives, work  to further strengthen its capacity and improve the position of not only minority associations and communities, but also the civil sector of Subotica.