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Report: Development of Social Entrepreneurship in Montenegro

There is still need for improvement of the legal framework in Montenegro in relation to the development of social entrepreneurship. The conference on the topic “Development of Social Entrepreneurship in Montenegro” was organised to answer this need.

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Speakers from the Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Slovenia were invited to share their experiences with social entrepreneurship in the EU with representatives of
public institutions and CSOs from Montenegro. The conference was organised by TACSO Montenegro office in cooperation with Government office for cooperation with Non-governmental organizations and TACSO Resource Center-Center for Development of Non-Governmental organizations (CRNVO). In preparation for this event a policy brief was prepared to facilitate the understanding of decision-makers and other participants of the legal regulations relating to social entrepreneurship. The policy paper recognized critical issues in the legal framework for social entrepreneurship in Montenegro against a background of regional and international practices.

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The roundtable was attended by representatives of non-governmental organizations, members of the Council for the Development of NGOs, the Office for Cooperation
between the Government and non-governmental organizations, representatives of trade unions, Union of employers, Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Labor and social welfare, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of economy and Ministry of finance, representatives of local self-governments (secretariat for economic activities on local level), Employment Agency of Montenegro, Union of Municipalities, Investment and Development Fund, Agency for Development of Small and Medium, representatives of the EU Delegation to Montenegro, representatives of international organizations and Embassy in Montenegro. Opening speeches were delivered by the Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Ms. Zorica Kovacevic, TACSO resident advisor Mr. Goran Djurovic, and representative of the EU Delegation to Montenegro Mr. Romain Boitard.