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Report | Work Visit: Participatory Mechanisms for CSOs- EU Accession Process in Serbia

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TACSO Turkey, with support of TACSO Serbia Office organized a work visit for representatives of key stakeholders of government and civil society to examine participatory mechanisms in Serbia for enhancing CSOs contributions to Programming of EU Financial Assistance and EU Accession processes.

The work visit enabled the examination of Serbian experience that results in major model for WBT as SECO and their successes and lessons learnt for this model. It also enabled examination of National Convent Platform, an initiative led by CSOs and that is officially recognized at Parliament as key stakeholders for policy development during EU Accession reform. Work visit enabled reflections on current and future initiatives carried out by Ministry of EU Affairs, civil society and representatives from Delegation of EU to Turkey and hosted discussions for possible collaboration and joint strategies, mechanisms and cooperation models for improving the participation of CSOs to EU Accession process at different levels. One of the important gains of the work visit was the chance to learn about the different experiences of involved parties in the mechanisms in Serbia, and the chance to examine the challenges of the mechanisms for both public administration and civil society. This aspect specifically contributed to mutual understanding among participants of Turkey delegation from different sectors.  

The work visit has contributed to ongoing efforts of Ministry of EU Affairs Project Implementation Unit as the coordinator of sub-sector of Civil Society in scope of IPA II to come up with a participatory model for programming EU Financial Support to civil society as well as to CSOs who are involved in the discussion with the interest to enhance civil society participation to EU Financial Assistance programming as across cutting issue. TACSO Turkey will support ongoing dialogue among participants for further collaboration and joint works to improve CSOs participation on IPA Programming and EU accession reform process.

For more details, you can download the report from the link below.

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