Technical Assistance for
Civil Society Organisations


The overall objective of the TACSO Roster is to support capacity building of CSOs in the perspective of democracy development in the region by promoting Short-Term Experts (STEs) in the Western Balkan countries and Turkey (IPA countries). The TACSO Roster manages a database of STEs both with previous TACSO experience and STEs without previous TACSO experience.

The TACSO Roster is available for:

  • Experts who have been contracted by SIPU International and by TACSO regional and/or country offices for TACSO activities (re. the above sectors) and who are recommended by a Resident Advisor, SIPU and consortium staff, TACSO staff, TACSO facilitators and LAG members.

  • Other experts with a relevant background and experience in the areas covered by the TACSO project and/or experience in working with the EU or on EU-funded projects.

Interested candidates who meet the above requirements should fill in a TACSO Application Form and EU CV Format and send their applications to

For more information please refer to the TACSO Roster Guidelines or e-mail

TACSO will not be responsible for any contracting or financial issues between a TACSO Roster member and client.

All STEs should note that once accepted to the Roster, their submitted CV will be made available on the TACSO Web site.